The Bizmark Group Outlook

We have 10 years of experience in construction & have highly equipped professional team that is always ready to nurture your dreams.

The BIZMARK Group is promoted by a young and dynamic entrepreneur Mr Pankaj Chopra, aged 45. In June 2010, he was presented with an opportunity to market a Real Estate Project, and thus began the tryst of the Group that brought the significant transition, cultivating the visionary Real Estate endeavour. The first project became an unprecedented success that galvanized this group to embark upon the path of development.

Today BIZMARK GROUP is among one of the pioneering groups in the field of marketing real estate in RAIPUR. Began in 2010, the BIZMARK group started marketing Real Estate business and built a very strong Brand Name and various Sub Brands for Marketing the Real Estate, identifying new locations, innovative ideas to market, the positioning of products and pricing the product without compromising in quality, has been the mainstay over the years.

Main Road Bhatagaon,
Ring Road No.1, Raipur C.G.

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